Every studio that'll become part of Indie Tribe will take advantage of the inertia, prestige, visibility and promotion of both the club and each of the games that integrate it.

Each participant of the club will have to put the "badge" or distinctive graphic of Indie Tribe in their game, as well as links to the page of the Association from their website and all the promotional efforts the studio realizes with the specific game.

On the other hand, the club will always have a website showing all the games under its quality label and will promote them through various media such as social networks, search engines, etc.

This is not about losing the private identity of each studio or publisher, but this "quality seal", which will only agglutinate games that really have it, will generate an impulse and reputation that will create synergies that will favor all Indie Tribe members having a direct impact on the visibility of their games and thus ... about their sales .

The idea is to do the same as a good publisher, but instead of that, we are using our own shared identity when we release games.

We are simply an Indie developer club with a common goal: that our games (which have a higher quality than most of those competing in visibility with us) reach more audience and overcome this primary problem that represents the lack of visibility due to the avalanche of mediocre video games that are published on a daily basis.

An example of how important it has been in the recent history of the video game a symbol or "quality label" we assume that you will remember "Psygnosis" (1984-2012), which during the years 90 shone with its own light as an unmistakable symbol of quality. Their games had a lot of sales and just seeing that purple owl you knew you were in front of a wonderful game ... although really each game was designed by different teams or studios.


United we stand
Divided we fall