Some indie studios have made high quality games that remain unknown for most of the world. The main reason is because they’re mostly unknown outside their trust circles.

The main reason for this is that the current video game market (especially the "indie") is overwhelmed by new titles, many of them of poor quality and which have been dedicated very few resources and time, but compete in the same "category" as true jewels made with a care and dedication worthy of any game AAA.

Indie games' visibility is not proportional to the quality of the video game itself, In most cases has more to do with the amount of money invested in promotion; having a powerful publisher; or just by luck. But the fact that the avalanche of mediocre video games that are published daily are casting a shadow to the visibility of the true good quality games.

Indie Tribe is born as a club with a common seal of quality that will display only the games that are carefully selected among all the projects presented, according to criteria of quality and in a democratic and confidential way, by all the members of the club.