If you think your game can fit within our club and you want to become part of Indie Tribe , you have to let us know about your game by following these steps:

Step 1: First contact
First thing, you send us en email with the initial information.

Once the members of the association have seen if your game conforms to the premises and the Indie Tribe quality standards will contact you and move to step 2...

Step 2: Playing your game
You send us a build of the game via STEAM* or Uploaded Zip file in your side.
*A copy per studio in the club.

By then, game has to be in a beta state or totally playable with DEFINITIVE (or almost) graphics.
Please DO NOT send pre-beta versions!

We take some time to test the game and vote for it anonymously. The game has to be accepted by the 80% of the current club members. Voting will be secret (nobody will know who votes what). This is key to keep a good healthy club. No favours and we will keep very high quality.
Also this means that the club is de-centralized, the club will not be controlled by one studio but by EVERYBODY .

Step 3: Synergy begins
If the game gets the votes you will be in! And you will get all the assets you need to place the badge in the game and also you will be featured in the website and we will keep constant contact to keep synergy flowing.

Note: We will only accept a few games per month.